Massage & Bodywork
All massages are therapeutic, mindful and relaxing and geared towards meeting your needs as you unwind, release and let go from deep within. Pressure is based on your needs from relaxation strokes to deep tissue.
Deep Flow is multi-dimensional massage combining bodywork, alignment, myofacial release, stretching, breathing, and mindfulness which helps to balance structural, emotional and spiritual wellness. I work in conjunction with you towards conscientious releases and physical relief. Feel expansive, connected and freed. Deep Flow is for anyone looking to open to more possibilities in their body, mind & spirit.
Foot Vacation – Foot Soak, Reflexology & Massage. Stimulates reflex areas on the feet that corresponds to different organs, glands and other parts of the body. Working on the reflexes can bring about a deep state of relaxation and is believed to have therapeutic benefits for the whole system. This treatment begins with a warm aromatic foot soak, work on both feet reflexes with a focus on your area of choice, and concludes with an aroma-oil massage.
Body Mind Massage – A completely customized treatment. Do you have a specific goal for the session? Examples include; opening the heart chakra, letting go of grief/anger, grounding, connecting with your body. Session may include aromatherapy, various massage modalities, Reiki, tuning fork sound vibration, breathwork, stretching, chakra balancing, meditation, sacred stones, oracle cards. This journey includes an intake and following the energy and intuition.
I am currently in Troncones, Mexico until end of March 2018. If you are in the area please contact me at to book a session.